Nail Design and Nail Polish Trends For Summers

The spring has just begun, and everybody is soaking in the sun while getting ready for the summers. This is the time to try out new trends in the area of fashion, makeup, and nail design. There are many nail effects that you can try to welcome the summer season in style. The following are some ideas for nail colors for summer that you must try!

Pop Nails: Try on eye-popping nail colors that will sync with the season. Shades of fuchsia, turquoise, bright yellow and lemon greens can add a dash of vibrancy and summery feel to your nails instantly. You can also try fun designs using pop colors like polka dots, zigzag prints, and more.

Gypsy Vibe: Throw on some bold colors and experiment with gypsy-inspired prints and neon shades for your nails. You can try various nail salon services for the latest Nail Design trends. There are nail professionals who can create fun designs as per the style you are looking for.

Cute Designs: Go for fun and upbeat Nail Design like hearts, smiley faces, floral prints and the likes to feel summer ready. Many people prefer to book nail salon services at home for a relaxing manicure and pedicure session and to get the nails done. Feel summer ready when you have nails that reflect the vibe of the season.

Block Prints: You can try different nail paint design patterns that are in the form of color-contrasted blocks. Go for a combination of summery pastels and neutral tones to create the perfect look for the season. Block prints using bold shades of red, black, and cyan make the apt choice for summer nights.

Metallic Beauty: Use metallic shades of gold, silver, and blues to create fun summer designs like butterflies, flowers of stardust on your nails. Create beautiful effects using metallic tones over a neutral base. Explore and experiment with different patterns and textures using these glittery shades.

The above are some of the trends in Nail Design and nail polish that you can try to rock the summers. This year, let your nails do the talking as you flaunt different season-inspired designs and textures in the form of quirky nail design. You need to get a set of bright colors and eye-catching design ideas to execute the right effect on your nails. Take inspiration from various style and fashion magazines and online portals to try out the latest trends.